My name is Byz Wadher and I am digital artist, mainly working on environment and character concept art, 3d modeling / texturing and matte-painting. I like to experiment with different ways to produce arts where I combine 2d and 3d techniques. As a digital artist with more than 14 years of professional experience, I have worked to create a various range of art for the games and movies industry.

Strong Photoshop and Illustrator skills  •  Modeling in Blender, Zbrush, 3ds Max  •  Texturing in Adobe Substance 3d Painter  •  Animation in After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

Slipgate Ironworks / 3D Realms, Guter Punkt, Semper Cozy, Giant Propeller, Blue Faces, Compozitive, Gamera Interactive, Storm in a teacup, Eipix, Icarus Games, 2Bugs,  Roxx Swiss...

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